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The concept of SpringRithm came about while preparing for the 2018 World 100. We wasted hours on a spring smasher switching different spring rates on a right front stack in an effort to try and get our loads ‘just right.’ It was then that we started to think that there had to be a better solution to reduce the ammount of trial and error that consumed so much of our time—time that we could be spending on other aspects of our car.

It was a little later that year at the PRI show in Indianapolis that our idea began to take shape. While talking with a few prominent figures in the dirt world, the idea of making an app that calculates 4-bar geometry came up, and on the way home, the idea snapped into place. What if we could produce an app that did all the calculations to set up springs? An app is the perfect way to implement such an important tool because it is accessible anywhere, at any time, whenever a new setup idea occurs to you.

From there it took about 18 months to fully develop  and ensure the inputs and outputs were as user friendly as possible, and that the app was accurate.


In October 2020, the app was officially released. Since then, it has been used by racers all over the country, and even a few down under!

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