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How to use

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Shock Build

SpringRithm requires four measurements in order to characterize the shock. These measurements are used to run the program, which then tell you where to set your coil nuts based on your desired loads. The video shows you an example of these measurements:

  • Maximum Center-to-Center

  • Maximum Spring Height

  • Stack Slider Thickness 

  • Shock Shaft Diameter

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Setup Parameters

You should receive the setup parameters from your chassis manufacturer or shock guy. This information comes from your "ride height" numbers - not your dynamic numbers. These measurements include:

  • Install Center-to-Center (C2C)

  • Install Load

  • Gas Pressure

  • LR Only: Extended C2C


Once the shock build is entered it does not change unless a different shock is being tested.

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Test Page

The test page is where majority of your time is spent. 

The test page is where endless springs can be smashed instantly. Once you have entered the spring rate and spring height, select test.


Under results, the left hand side shows the measurements to set the coil nut. The right hand side shows the dynamic loads the car will see in travel--the same information a spring smasher gives, plus more! If you would like to change the dynamic travel numbers SpringRithm outputs by default, select the settings icon in the upper right hand corner and change them. 

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